Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vomit Boy

Making breakfast in the patient/parent kitchen after a night in paeds with my boy on a saline drip...

Nurse one: "Is that toast for room 32?"
Nurse two: "No, it's for headache girl"
Nurse one: "Oh good, I thought maybe you were making toast for Asthma Boy. Wow, Headache girl's got an appetite for a headache.."
Nurse two: "Yeah, well, Asthma Boy..."
Me, interrupting with a smile: "Well, it's not for Vomit Boy because he's in room two and I'm getting his breakfast"
Nurse One: "Oh, sorry.. I ..."
Me: "No, it's OK, just as long as I don't hear for say you're getting something for "Down's boy" or "CP girl" or "CF baby"..."

I wonder if this stuff ever sinks in.