Sunday, May 27, 2007


Two nights ago, I dreamt that B2 was being a pain in the arse and poking my face, or whatever, and that I threatened, jokingly, as I occasionally do, to bite his fingers off. He teased me once more, and I did bite his fingers off. It was remarkably easy, not as hard a Snickers bar, more like a Milky Way.
Anyway, I was suitably horrified, picked up the two fingers from the floor (although i don't remember spitting them out), and raced him to the Emergency Room.
At the hospital, he was whisked away, and inexplicably I did not go with him. When they returned to send him home, I noticed that his hand was bandaged, but the dressings were far too short to have fingers reattached.
I screamed - "Why aren't his fingers back on???!!"
Apparently they didn't know I'd brought the fingers.
A full all-hands search revealed the missing fingers, one of which looked like it was speckled with black mold, on a chair tucked under another patient's bed.
The nurses raced him into surgery and the missing digits were reinstated.
How screwed up am I? What does this mean?

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The Preemie Experiment said...

Don't you just love those dreams that send us into a fit trying to figure out what they mean?

I used to have a reoccurring dream that I was shopping and had Paige in the baby car seat, strapped into the shopping cart. In my dream I would turn around and realize that I left the cart in another isle. I would run through the store frantically trying to find the cart only to be faced with an empty isle. It was a horrible dream.

Sending nice dream vibes your way!!